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Organic Farm Life and the Amazing Borders Region of Scotland


My friend Colleen invited me to spend a weekend in the Borders region of Scotland. She gave me a wonderful tour of the Borders area and I got to experience life on an organic farm called Whitmuir.

The 300 year old farm was the highlight of my visit. I got to meet all the happy animals around the farm and learn how an organic farm operates. You will see from my photos how happy the animals are on this farm. It was such a cool experience to spend time with them. Colleen has worked at the farm off and on for a number of years, so she was able to give me a detailed backstage tour. The farm grows their own vegetables and fruit, supply their own genuinely free range organic eggs, make their own bread, raise their own organic beef, pork, lamb and chicken, produce their own honey, and sell their own products as well as other Fairtrade/ethical products in their on-farm organic shop. And to top it off, they also operate their own organic, self-sustained, on-farm restaurant as well as their own art gallery featuring local artists. Whitmuir farm is an inspiring operation and really convinces me how vital it is to eat organic and source your food from local, ethical sources. In the end, it's better for the environment, better for animal welfare, better tasting natural food, and most of all, it's better for your health. I hope one day, all farms can live to this standard. I know we have a long way to go, but it's possible. Even though organic products may be more expensive, they benefit everyone and I truly believe that is morally important. Visiting this farm makes me want to get involved!

Colleen also drove me around various Border towns over the course of the weekend. We spent a bit of time visiting little village sized towns called Peebles, Melrose, Moffat, and West Linton. Each had their own unique character. I also got to visit the ruins of Melrose Abbey and Dryburgh Abbey. The scenery in the Borders is breathtaking. Lots of sweeping, green hills, lush valleys, castles/estates, waterfalls, forests, and tons of wildlife. The insane amount of farmed land is also quite impressive.

I highly recommend a visit to these places if you are traveling to Scotland!

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