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First Exhibition A Success!

Hello All

I just wrapped up a very personal exhibition titled Disturbance of the Mind. I built an installation inside a small room near my studio at Glasgow School of Art. The installation was based on the work I produced from a Psychoanalysis in Art and Culture course I just completed. At first, I wasn't going to have an exhibition because the work I made was very personal and uncomfortable to view, even for myself. I was just going to show it to our instructor, Laura Gonzalez, as my final portfolio. However, my good friend Elina (a talented painter who I met in the course) talked me into having it. I put myself out there, and I'm glad I did because I received great feedback. I only invited a handful of people and about 25 people showed up, which was way more than I anticipated.

The assignment was to do three critical interventions that relate to and explore psychoanalytic concepts discussed in the course seminars. I had to submit these three critical interventions at regular intervals throughout the duration of the course and present all three as a portfolio at the end. In addition, I had to write a 500 word written piece that reflected on, and linked, all the interventions.

My three interventions create knowledge from the hysteric position. All three pieces are relative and when shown together in all their complexities, they reveal conflict with self-identity, creative block, anxiety, and never-ending confusion. Each piece became a struggle to solve the questions correctly. These struggles expose resistances, internalized high ego ideals, fear of failure, and lack of control or stability. I am trying to understand who I am as a person and as an artist and why I have such strong resistances to my desires.

I created a video titled Vertigo, a sound piece titled Blocked, and a photograph titled Trapped. I documented everything in a circular, paper portfolio. It was also crucial that the portfolio be presented as an installation, where the viewer (through entering a small, enclosed space) can physically experience the bodily vertigo and, by using the proper set of headphones, experience the audio piece in its intended manner. The viewer can also interact with a mirror installation to experience what it’s like to be trapped inside one’s mind.

I have posted some photos from the exhibition below. There is a possibility that I might join others in our course that want to exhibit their interventions as well, so look out for news on another exhibition soon.

I learned a lot from taking both this course and the previous Self-Analysis course (I chose both as electives). They were both a HUGE challenge for me because I'm not used to creating such personal work. At times, I really had no clue what I was learning or experiencing and I felt frustrated and confused (most of the time). But now that I look back on it, not only did I learn the insane concepts of psychoanalysis, I discovered a lot about myself through making very private, analytical art.

With these projects completed, I can now take a deep breath and focus entirely on my thesis. I'm gearing up for a very intense 12 weeks of finishing my masters. Wish me luck!