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First View of Bully Project


I am half way done with shooting photos for my bully project. Here are very unfinished shots of the series so far. I have not yet titled the project yet, so it's just known as "bully project" for now. If any of you have ideas about a possible title after seeing these images, please leave a comment below.

If you are unaware of my project and haven't seen my multiple annoying posts trying to persuade you to take my "bully survey," then here is a description of what I'm doing:

My initial research is centered around the gathering and collating of stories from anonymous contributors/sources relating to their experiences of being bullied. Through a system of categorization and distillation, I then intend to reconstruct and in some cases combine these stories to create narrative photographic images in a variety of locations, which relate to the themes inherent within the stories. My intention is to make images, which are more symbolic than literal or specific, the anonymity of the sources being paramount. Whilst important, the locations are intended to be generic and again non-specific, for example, a classroom, a park, or a bus. The resulting images will hopefully explore the wide variety of issues relating to bullying in its many guises and in doing so, bring a greater awareness to this serious social problem.

I encourage open comments and suggestions to these images, so please leave feedback if you have any!

Now I have eight more weeks to go until I'll have this project mostly finished, so check back if you want to see more progression. Thanks!


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